Piano-Celeste Position

Alasdair Neale, Music Director


Principal Piano/Celeste

January 16, 2021
San Domenico School, 1500 Butterfield Road, San Anselmo
Deadline for Application: January 1, 2021


  • One movement from a Beethoven Piano Sonata
  • A contrasting Romantic or 20th Century virtuoso piece

Orchestral Excerpts: (click here to download)

  • Copland: Appalachian Spring (6-14)
  • Stravinsky: Petrouchka (1947 version, 64-81)

Qualified applicants should send or email a one-page resume and a $50 deposit (personal check only) to:
Marin Symphony – Piano Audition
Michelle Maruyama, Orchestra Personnel Manager
4340 Redwood Hwy, Suite 409, San Rafael, CA 94903

Please direct all questions to Michelle.

***Please note: Only highly qualified candidates should apply. Resumes will be screened***
Deposit checks will be returned at audition check-in.

All candidates for the Principal Piano/Celeste position must be confirmed as fully
vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the audition date. All candidates must wear a
mask that covers both nose and mouth for the duration of the candidate’s time inside
the audition venue, including during the audition. All audition committee members, Marin
Symphony staff and volunteers are also fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are to
remain masked at all times. Please do not send proof of vaccination until requested
by the Marin Symphony.

Principal Piano/Celeste is a tenure-track position with the Marin Symphony.
Employment will begin March 1, 2022 or at the winning candidate’s earliest availability.
Principal scale for the 2021-2022 season is $213.59 per service with doubling as
applicable at 25/10% and pension contributions of 8.72%. Members of the Marin
Symphony must be members in good standing of the American Federation of
Musicians, Local 6.