Celebrating Concertmaster Jeremy Constant

Our April 2022 Masterworks 4 concerts are Jeremy Constant’s final appearances as Concertmaster of the Marin Symphony. Jeremy, remarkably only the second Concertmaster in the 70 years of the Marin Symphony’s history, has served in that role with tremendous distinction since 1994. He continues to serve as Assistant Concertmaster of the San Francisco Symphony. Jeremy, your graceful leadership and beautiful playing will be missed — we can’t thank you enough!
“The relationship between concertmaster and conductor is arguably the single most important one in the orchestra, and so I feel particularly fortunate to have had Jeremy Constant as my musical partner during my tenure as the Marin Symphony’s music director. A good concertmaster must be more than just a first-rate violinist, although in that respect alone Jeremy displays the gold standard. They must also be a leader, a diplomat, a confidante, a consensus builder, and a role model. All of these attributes Jeremy possesses in spades, as anybody who has played in the Marin Symphony these last twenty-three years will readily attest to. To me personally, in addition to all of this he’s simply been a great, great friend. I can’t possibly express adequately the difference he’s made to the orchestra and how much I will miss him. Thank you, Jeremy!”
— Alasdair Neale, Marin Symphony Music Director
“I will miss the people and the music-making, but it really seems that now is the appropriate time to tie a bow around my career with the Marin Symphony. The orchestra has developed into an artistically flourishing ensemble that has an exciting future ahead of it. Playing for you has been a joy and a privilege. The opportunity to lead the Marin Symphony as Concertmaster has given me an outlet that has allowed me to be happier in my career and in my life than I ever thought possible, and I will forever be grateful to everyone here for that opportunity.”
— Jeremy Constant, Marin Symphony Concertmaster 1994-2022