Planned Giving: Encore Society

Make a lasting impression. Create a legacy gift.

Share your love of the arts and help provide for the future of great symphonic music in our community. Arrange your estate and life income plans to reflect your values, enhance your own financial position, and ensure the continued well-being of the Marin Symphony. In so doing, you create an “encore” for yourself.

The Encore Society and the Marin Symphony Endowment Fund
Individual donors are vital to the Marin Symphony’s present and future ability to bring symphonic music to life in our community. There are two significant ways you can support the Symphony in a profound and lasting way. The first way is through planned giving: Become an Encore Society member. You can transfer stock, real estate, cash, or other assets to provide the Marin Symphony with support in perpetuity. Consult your financial adviser or estate attorney, or call the Marin Symphony Development Office at 415.479.8100.

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The second way is by contributing to the Marin Symphony Endowment Fund and fulfilling an Orchestra Chair Naming opportunity. To learn more about this giving option, please call 415.479.8100.

The Marin Symphony is most grateful to the following members of the Encore Society and wishes to applaud their gifts of lasting importance:

Kenneth & Barbara Adams
Hans J. Adler & Wanda Headrick
Ara Apkarian
Lou & Marge Bartolini
Frank & Lee Battat
Robert & Patricia Bilger
Jack Bissinger* & Robert Max Klein*
James & Caroline Boitano
Steven & Ann Borden
David Bott
E. Joseph & Jo Ann Bowler
Jack & Ute Brandon
Richard Bricker & Emily Hanna Johnson
Robert & Elza Burton
William & Lynn Callender
Karen Carmody
Mary Carpou*
Paul & Paula Cooper
Dr. Robert K. & Judith D. Creasy
Christina Dewey
Donald R. & Noel W. Dickey
Vernon & Elke Neumann Dwelly
Helga Epstein
Branwell Fanning
George Fernbacher*
Thomas & Julianna Foris
Barbara & Bill* Friede
Abe & Suzanne Froman
Geraldine Gains
Mary M. Griffin-Jones
Alf & Ruth Heller
Susan Hedge Hossfeld*
David* & Sandra Hoyer
Grace Hughes
Robert & Mary Ellen* Irwin
Robert* & Edith Kane
Carole Klein
Nancy Kohlenstein*
Herbert & Barbara Graham Kreissler
Lucinda Lee
Barbara Brown Leibert*
William Lockett
Frankie Longfellow*
Marian Marsh
Alice & Tom* May
Charles Meacham*
Vivienne E. Miller
Gloria Miner
Theodore A. Montgomery*
Larry & Betty Mulryan
Catherine Munson*
Gloria Marie Northrup
David Poff
Jane T. Richards*
Yvonne Roth