Youth Programs

Connecting our communities to the future of live music

Benefits of msyp training

Our Marin Symphony Youth and Education Programs include common elements that we believe are essential to developing musicianship on any instrument:
  • Refining manuscript reading skills, which include accurate note recognition, rhythm and dynamics interpretation, and tonal key recognition
  • Learning the technical craft of producing a beautiful tone on one’s chosen instrument
  • Gaining exposure to the classical music repertoire
  • Developing the self-discipline to maintain a steady, independent music practice
  • Becoming facile with auditions through experience
  • Learning how to work and blend in groups
  • Becoming adept at performance

Youth Program Sponsors

The Lakeview foundation

Need More Information?

Contact Andrei Gorchov, Director of Youth Programs & Community Engagement at  or MSYP Phone: 415.479.8105

Marin Symphony Youth Programs

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