Chorus Auditions

Marin Symphony Chorus
Choral Concert

Alasdair Neale, Conductor
Kevin Fox, Director

Auditions held by appointment only at:
Unity In Marin Church-Novato
600 Palm Drive

Audition dates (Mondays):
Jan 10 and Jan 17, 2022, Marin Symphony Chorus (Carmina Burana)

Please submit your contact information, vocal part, and experience to
Marin Symphony Office 415.479.8100
Please allow 15 minutes for your audition.

Audition Requirements:

  • Vocalize in your range
  • Bring a piece that you know well (choral or solo) and sing a section of approximately 45 seconds in length
  • Be prepared to demonstrate the extent of your music reading ability (we’ll have a hymn sheet or similar)

Requirements for Membership in the Marin Symphony Chorus:

  • Strong choral experience and knowledge of singing English, German, Italian, and Latin
  • Good reading ability and musicianship
  • Good vocal range, color, and flexibility
  • Ability to blend and sing with excellent diction
  • Know scores and texts in advance of rehearsals
  • Continued vocal training is strongly encouraged
  • A pleasant and enthusiastic personality