Meet Zachariah Spellman, Principal Tuba

Zachariah Spellman, Principal Tuba

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Zachariah Spellman is passionate about the tuba. He has been the principal tubist for Marin Symphony and the Golden Gate Brass since 1980, and for the San Francisco Opera Orchestra since 1977. He is also a member of the Aurio Trio, an active member of the San Francisco Symphony’s Adventures in Music program, and much, much more.

What do you like about playing with Marin Symphony?

The quality of the players in the orchestra—we really work together, and it is such a pleasurable experience working with Alasdair Neale.

How did you come to play the tuba?

My parents had other expectations for me—they wanted me to be a famous musician, a conductor or a pianist or something notable, but I knew at the age of 11 what I was going to do all my life. Why would I want to do anything else?!

What are the challenges of playing tuba?

There are so many, but it really depends on what the tuba player is asked to do. Playing high notes is a real challenge and is holding onto it for long periods of time.
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