MSYO Tour 2019 – Prague, June 23

7:30 Performance

Setting up Prague concert

From the notebook of Jenny Douglass, Education & Community Outreach Director:
On our first full day in the Czech Republic, we got to travel to the Karlštejn Castle, a medieval castle where the important emperors of Bohemia lived. It was high on top of a hill that we had to hike up, and the views from the top were gorgeous. In the castle, we got to tour the rooms and hear all about the castle’s lengthy history, as well as see a replica of the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. At dinner that evening, we got to hear a traditional Czech band play and sing while we ate a typical dinner of bread, salmon, and lots of potatoes. In Prague, we got to go on a beautiful walking tour of the oldest part of the city.

Looking Good at the Pre-Concert Dinner











Rehearsal at the Church of Saints Simon and Jude