Each year since 2014, the Marin Symphony recognizes two music teachers who demonstrate excellence in teaching and exceptional commitment to their students. Awards are presented onstage at the first Masterworks concert of the season.
Past presenters have included: Marin County Superintendent of Schools, Mary Jane Burke; Marin County Supervisor, Kate Sears; and Jenny Douglass, Marin Symphony Director of Education.

This year’s Teacher of the Year awards will be presented at the Family Concert, Sunday, March 19th, 3PM!
Brenda Schuman-Post, Private Studio, Oboe
Allison McIvor, School Music, San Marin High School

Miriam Perkoff
, Private Studio, Cello
Ella Steinberg & Steve Steinberg, School Music, Miller Creek Middle School
Michael Grossman (not pictured), Private Studio, Violin

Dawn Madole
, Private Studio, Violin
Shahrazad Vakharia, School Music, Miller Creek Middle School

Mike Martinez, School Music, Kent Middle School
David Horn, Private Studio, Double Bass

Mateo Dillaway
, School Music, Venetia Valley K-8 School
Meg Eldridge, Private Studio, Viola

Dana Trillo
, School Music, Davidson Middle School
Steven Bergman, Private Studio, Clarinet

Phoebe Dong, School Music, Mill Valley Middle School
Katie Dennis, Private Studio, French Horn

Jeremiah Jacks, School Music, White Hill Middle School
Patricia Miner, Private Studio, Violin