Hugo Rinaldi Award

Pictured: Hugo Rinaldi and Ann Krinitsky at the MSYO spring 2014 concert and awards presentation

The Hugo Rinaldi Fellowship Award of $500 is given to an 11th grade MSYO student who has demonstrated commitment, dedication and ongoing service to the Marin Symphony Youth Programs for at least two years. Eligible members are invited to write a short paragraph describing how they have benefitted from and contributed to the Youth Programs. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of musical growth, attitude, preparation and attendance. The winning candidate is expected to continue playing in MSYO in his/her senior year and to demonstrate leadership and continuing musical citizenship by helping to motivate his/her peers, assist occasionally in rehearsal of Crescendo and Overture ensembles, and serve as an ambassador for the Youth Programs in our community.

Musical Citizenship Awards for an Overture and a Crescendo member of $125 each are given to two students who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to their ensembles for at least one year and is based on their musical growth, attitude, preparation and attendance.

“Beginning in 2014, awards have been given to students from each of our orchestral ensembles in honor of Hugo Rinaldi, Founder and long-time Conductor of the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra, who passed away in December 2015 at age 93. From his early childhood in San Rafael, Hugo Rinaldi studied music, specializing on the violin and graduating from San Rafael High School. He directed the US Army Band during World War II and studied at SF State University, Stanford University, and the Boccherini Conservatory. He conducted Marin Opera for 9 years, taught at Dominican University for 10 years and conducted orchestras, choirs, bands, operettas and musical shows for 32 years in the San Rafael Schools, being named California’s most outstanding music educator in 1970. Maestro Rinaldi founded the Marin Symphony Youth Orchestra in 1955 and toured with the group to Spoleto, Vienna and Australia. Maestro Rinaldi was the conductor when I played in MSYO, and I am forever grateful to him for introducing me as a young violinist to the infinite depth of expression available to all who study and appreciate orchestral music.” ~ Ann Krinitsky

Hugo Rinaldi Fellowship Awards:
2022 Ruby Alaniz-Hamer and Jesse Chi
2020 Caleb Liu and Lucy Holden-Wingate
2019 Corbin Glover and Savanna Nygard
2018 Alex Le and Jack Suchodolski
2017 Viviana Garcia and Daniel Jordan
2016 Stephanie Oh and Anna Okada
2015 Audrey Genest
2014 Eva Wang

Musical Citizenship Awards (Crescendo):
2022 Dean Cotten
2020 Alex LaMonica
2019 Patrick Carnahan and Sean Carnahan
2018 Juniper Yoshihara
2017 Juliana McKenna
2016 Caleb Liu
2015 Lorenzo Soleri
2014 Alejandra Changeux

Musical Citizenship Awards (Overture):
2022 Amelia Loedolff
2020 Annika Nellesen
2019 Cesar León
2018 Lorna Wright
2017 Jesse Deuel
2016 Damaris Marrufo
2015 Bella Hare Leiva
2014 Amy and Rachel Jordan